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Technobond Transparent


Multiple-purpose transparent glue and sealing cement.

TECHNOBOND Transparent was developed as a universal gluing and sealing agent. Its sealing features are excellent with most materials, including iron, light metals, wood, glass, marble, most of plastic materials, building materials, lacquered surfaces, etc. It is used for industrial purposes, in buildings and constructions, car repair industry, medical care, assembly works, etc. It can be applied also to sensitive materials (e.g. polystyrene). It is also applicable on wet surfaces. It is used for e.g. sealing car bodies and accessories, construction work, mirror fixing (does not cause any harm to reflexive layer), various assembly gluing/packing, duct packing, etc.

  • MS Polymer
  • Easy application
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Long lifetime if not open
  • Does not contain solvent or isocyanates
Technobond - Transparent

Product Packing Size Order No.
Technobond - Transparent Cartridge 290 ml 1 34456
Hand Gun - 1 R 34380
Clear Nozzle 12 pieces sáček 12 ks R 34199S

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