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Moulding Tape


Very strong double sided adhesive tape.

Double sided adhesive tape is one of the most common products in industrial maintenance. Most of the tapes’ issues stem from water absorption which leads to reduced adhesion and even detachment of the affected parts. This caused many mechanics to despise double sided tapes. Most tapes are made from foam which allows water all the way to the adhesive layer, making it detach from the body of the tape. MOULDING TAPE solves all of these problems. It is made from airtight and water non-absorbent polyurethane. The unique glue, used on the tape, responds to pressure. For this reason, the tape can be moved into the correct position before the final application. Only when pressed, the glue activates and within 90 seconds adheres better than any other tape available.

  • Firm structure
  • Adjustable position
  • Resistant to petrol and diesel
  • Adaptive to plastic parts flexibility
Moulding Tape 6.3 mm

Product Packing Size Order No.
Moulding Tape 6.3 mm Roll 6.3 mm x 15 m R 34000
Moulding Tape 25.4 mm Roll 25.4 mm x 15 m R 40521
Moulding Tape 15.8 mm Roll 15.8 mm x 15 m R 40520
Moulding Tape 12.7 mm Roll 12.7 mm x 15 m R 40519
Moulding Tape 9 mm Roll 9 mm x 15 m R 34118

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