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Rust Converter Spray


Special rust neutralisation product.

RETECH Rust Converter Spray is a special anti-corrosion product in a spraycan, designed to neutralise rust on ferrous metals. It effectively penetrated surface rust, reacts with it, and transforms it into a stable, non-solluble, blue-black, hard, glossy protective film. This protective foil is long-term resistant to weather conditions and prevents further iron oxidation and rust formation. RETECH Rust Converter Spray is used in all areas of light and heavy industry for renovation of parts exposed to weather and prone to rust, such as bridges, gates, metal fences, electrical poles, machine parts, etc. RETECH Rust Converter Spray can also be used in auto repair when renovating damaged bodywork, wheel arches, trims, mudguards, and other metal parts.

  • High efficiency in neutralising iron oxide
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High resistance to weather conditions

Rust Converter Spray